Biodentine™ is a brand new easy to use innovative material to be used wherever dentine is damaged. It promotes tooth remineralisation and its outstanding sealing properties ensure less post-operative sensitivity and less bacterial percolation. Septodont introduces a new bioactive dentine substitute to use wherever dentine is damaged.

Biodentine™ is a brand new dentine substitute based on Septodont's Active Biosilicate Technology™ designed to treat damaged dentine both for crown and root indications.

Thanks to its Tricalcium Silicate core, Biodentine™ is a fully biocompatible mineral material highly reducing any risk of tissue response and is also a bioactive material promoting reactionary dentine genesis for pulp vitality preservation.

Biodentine™ needs no dentine surface conditioning, no bonding and exhibits excellent sealing properties to reduce the risk of clinical failure through bacterial percolation, thus ensuring the absence of post-operative sensitivity.

The mechanical properties of Biodentine™ supersede those of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Glass Ionomer cements, making it suitable to replace dentine wherever it is damaged.

Biodentine™ can safely be used in the crown as a bulk restorative material in direct and indirect pulp cappings, pulpotomies or deep cavities and kept as a temporary enamel restoration. The final aesthetic restoration being performed with a composite such as N'Durance™.

It can also be used in the root for repair procedures such as perforations, internal/external resorptions, apexification and retrograde surgical filling.

Biodentine™ is available in a box of 15 capsules and can be mixed in any amalgamator with a minimum speed of 4.000 rpm.