Our Vision

  • Our Values

    We enhance lives by providing innovative, safe and effective healthcare solutions

  • Our Values

    We enhance lives by providing innovative, safe and effective healthcare solutions

  • Our Values

    We enhance lives by providing innovative, safe and effective healthcare solutions

Our Mission

  • Our Values

    To provide our customers
    with dental products and services that are unsurpassed in meeting their expectations for quality and performance.

  • Our Mission

    To leverage our competencies
    in development, registration and manufacturing of dental and pharmaceutical products worldwide.


  • Our Mission

    To develop a culture
    that challenges our people to deliver their highest level of performance in an atmosphere of self-fulfillment, respect and support of the individual, offering equal opportunity for personal growth to everyone.


Our Values

  • Serving our customers

    Septodont strives to meet dentists satisfaction thanks to the quality of our products, medical information and associated services.

    We also want to meet our dealers expectations through excellent supply chain and strong marketing support for the promotion of our products. Doing so demonstrates our commitment to our customers and their importance to our company.


  • Excellence & high performance

    Excellence and High Performance are well engrained into the Septodont culture. These attributes are key to continuing what was started so long ago. Excellence is what we strive to achieve every day, always in pursuit of the highest quality product through continuous improvement measures.

    High performance implies how we go about doing our jobs, from production through sales we always focus on achieving our individual or team goals, which allows us to reach our overall business objectives. Both of these (standards or values) are closely linked through a corporate culture and working environment which is dedicated to success during changing times.

  • Innovation & quality

    Septodont's goal is to bring new products and associated services that will improve dentistry, hence our involvement in highly innovative Research & Development.

    Because they are used for human healthcare, our products need to fully comply with all regulations and meet dentists expectations. To reach this objective, we manufacture them to strict quality standards.

  • Ethics & transparency

    These are Septodont's key values because we manufacture products for medical purposes. Everyone needs to act with Integrity. Ethics means not only complying with all applicable laws and regulations, but also to do what is right.

    Transparency means clear and open communication on all our activities. These core values are the soul of our company.

  • Respecting & developing our people

    Septodont leadership is founded on talented people and we recognize the importance of attracting and keeping these talents. The company appreciates the efforts put forth by its employees and rewards results. We need to make sure that we at Septodont respect each other.

    Everyone has a contribution and this contribution should be assessed through a fair process. To ensure maximum motivation, we also need to develop our people and facilitate promotion within the organization.