Ever present, ever listening.

It’s part of our ethos to maintain close relationships with professionals in the dental world.
We work in collaboration with a panel of dentists and attend all major international dental industry events. We stay up-to-date with the latest scientific developments and have developed partnerships with recognized opinion leaders and preeminent universities. 

The company relies on its strong R&D teams including experts in the medical, biomaterial and product formulation fields for the development of new products as well as improvement of existing products. Particular emphasis is put on substantiating the performance, efficacy and safety of our products based on elaborated clinical programs. We also dedicate a significant part of our resources to transforming ideas into sustainable product registrations recognized by numerous health authorities worldwide for the benefit of the practitioners and their patients. 

As the worldwide leader in local anesthetics, we are committed to improving anesthetics with tailored benefit/risk profile and reduced pain. As a result we continuously improve our anesthetic formulations to offer a broad range of local anesthetics solutions to our practitioners. Septodont has introduced a range of innovative products for pain management including:

• Vivacaine, a bupivacaine anesthetic known for its long-lasting anesthesia.
• The new Ultra Safety Plus needles and single-use sterile injectable device with a protective sheath to prevent exposure to accidental needle stick injuries.
• Septoject Evolution, an innovative needle with a patented scalpel-designed bevel engineered for a smoother penetration and reduced deflection for a better control and accuracy.
• A range of lightweight and compact syringes, available in different sizes to help reduce hand fatigue.
• Oraverse®, the first and only local anesthesia reversal agent that allows to bring patients back to normal sensation twice as fast.

Beyond pain management, Septodont has introduced an innovative range of products in dental restorative materials. Following the introduction of Biodentine®, a proprietary breakthrough dentine replacement solution which benefit from more than a hundred of publications worldwide, we recently launched Bioroot RCS® a bioactive material  for root canal sealing with demonstrated bioactive features.

Septodont is now engaged in the development of a range of bioactive material with exciting applications in restorative, endodontic and regeneration segments based on its proprietary ‘Active Biosilicate Technology™’ platform. 

Besides a full range of pain management oriented products and looking into the future, Septodont is encouraging and participating in academic research on dental applications and is actively working on the regenerative medicine for the tooth pulp, dentine and bone tissues for tomorrows applications. Septodont also leverages its competencies into the medical field, in particular with innovative drug delivery systems.

To learn more about our expertise and our R&D, please visit our corporate website: www.septodontcorp.com/expertise/